FFGL Plugins for Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena

subpixel on YouTube [youtube/spxl]

More playlists and videos.

subpixel on SoundCloud [souncloud/spxl]

Synth and other audio experiments.

subpixel on Medium [medium/@spxl]

Publications. Tricks, tips and experiments relating to Resolume, audio and video production equipment, MIDI devices, effects, programming, etc.

subpixel on Facebook
You can find subpixel on Facebook via his artist page and in numerous groups related to visual production hardware, software (including Resolume media server), and industry communities.

subpixel [facebook/subpixel]
Facebook artist page. Announcememts for upcoming events, footage from gigs, technical demos, software releases, industry and local scene commentary, etc.

Resolume [groups/resolumegroup]
Unofficial Resolume Facebook user group. subpixel is a regular contributor.

FFGL - FreeFrameGL Plugins [groups/freeframegl]
Private group to discuss FFGL plugins for Resolume media server, created and administered by subpixel. There are a few developers in the group (including subpixel) who may be interested in building custom plugins for you, or discussing problems you are haaving making your own.

VJ Union Global [groups/vjunionglobal]
International VJ community group. subpixel is a regular contributor.

VJ Union Australia [groups/vjunionaustralia]
Local (Australian) VJ community group. This group is usualy pretty quiet compared to the Global group.

VJ Union Hardware [groups/vjunionhardware]
VJ industry discussion about VJ/video hardware: LED products, video projectors, media servers, video mixers, cameras, video sending devices, MIDI devices, etc. Reviews, reports and technology to come (previews). subpixel is a regular contributor, often posting about MIDI controllers and video gadgets.

VJ Union Software [groups/vjunionsoftware]
VJ industry discussion about VJ-related software. Media servers, game engines (eg Unreal Engine, Unity) and other developer tools and environments (eg TouchDesigner, vvvv, Isadora, PureData, Max for Live), compositing, rendering, editing, media encoding, 3D modelling and animation (eg Cinema4D, Maya, Blender), plugins, live-coding (and other kinds of coding!); realtime and offline pre- and post-production tools. subpixel is a regular contributor.

VJ Network [groups/vjnetwork]
Alternative network of groups for VJs to interact with other types of content producers, production crew, etc. Created and administered by subpixel.

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